1. Being soldiers of armed forces, completed duties of military services (police, soldiers) our Guards are healthy, skillful, professional, qualified and dignified, trained, serious and prestigious with customers, ready to work for customers 24 hours per day without claim to customers and obey all orders absolutely.
  2. Reasonable price, paid in one time and without other fees.
  3. Our guards dress fashionably to their duties, behave culturally, conformably to modern, civilized life, and composed in all circumstances but decided to breaching evils… they will make your management more perfect.
  4. They always have plans to protect, prevent and fight to fire, cooperate with other fast and effectively. We also have an inspecting mobile team, which always monitors and supports 24 hours/day at points, where customers feel anxious to if there are strokes, sluggishness and so on.

5. We try all best not to interfere your internal business, not to allow our guards to make friend with any staff and worker of governing companies. Our guards are faithful and will not trapped in evils. We will change other teams every two months if required.

6. Information of order and security at points will be reported frequently to the Board of Managers, our company as well as customers. Every month, we send remark book so that customers can give their opinions to help us to complete our duties.

7.We create good relationship with local governments, plan emergency circumstances and send more forces if necessary.

Security service consulting