In order to business production work develops under integration trend and helps leader of enterprise and companies concentrate to do develop his/her business. We believe that you will care about the security service aiming to protect the people and assets of companies.

We would like to send you some information to refer. Thien Duc Security & Service Co., Ltd is established in accordance to the license No. 4102001532 on 29 June 2000 with the scope of business supplies the security service. Our staffs have good health, skill, and morality. They used to join the armed service and trained fields of people and assets security.

Our security guard is fundamentally trained, wears with his/ her duty suitably, behave politely and integrate with modern life style and calm before any situation but firm for any wrong object.

We will not interfere into the work of companies. We will not allow our staff to make friend with your employees. We are willing to change security guard as necessary.

We have good relationship with local authorities and we always have emergency method to support and strengthen staff as necessary. Besides, we always have a method of protection and fight fire quickly and effectively. In addition, we have a team who will supervise and support 24/24 at the places according to your proposal.

Thien Duc Co., Ltd has signed the security contract with more than 70 agencies, enterprises in Ho Chi Minh City, Long An Province, Binh Duong Province, Dong Nai Province, Tay Ninh Province, Lam Dong Province exclusive of two branches in Da Nang City and Thien Duc – Chu Lai with more than 30 security contracts.

In order to meet the high demand of society, staff of Thien Duc Co., Ltd more and more improves the background and skill for security skill, informatics, foreign language, law as well as human factor to transfer the best security service to customer.

We will supply you the following services.


A/For the security guard:

  1. Security service of company, enterprise, warehouse, store, port, school, hospital, construction site, building, supermarket, hotel, office, house, and market.
  2. Security service of unexpected work, stage, arts, trade fair, sport competitions, exhibition, and goods show.
  3. Consultancy and training of special security force at companies and enterprises


B/For the bodyguard:

  1. To protect very important persons
  2. To investigate the truth for the people and work.


Organization: we will have representative and staff team in each province in order to check and inspect 24/24 aiming to remove the staffs having no enough the standard of morality and skill.


Thien Duc Security & Service Co., Ltd always supplies the best quality


We wish to receive your co-operation.